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State of the art technology is essential when it comes to telesales and telemarketing, but ultimately, people are still the deciding factor of exceptional sales and service. Our telesales and telemarketing specialists are experts in converting calls into sales opportunities. 
As your chosen outsourcing company, we share the same type of obsession you have with building brand awareness and increasing sales through outstanding service. Our specialists are especially skilled in business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) sales, marketing and customer experience.

The Alphatel Global telesales and telemarketing team comprised of specialists with excellent communication skills and proven sales strategies. We train this team in your brand and product, brush up their skills and equip them with the tools needed to handle the most challenging deals with confidence.


Companies turn to Alphatel Global to reduce marketing costs, increase revenue and retain customers. Our multilingual team provides flexible inbound and outbound telesales and telemarketing services catered to your needs. This flexibility allows companies to achieve sales goals at a lower cost effectively without compromising on service standards.

We have the technology and the talent to help companies penetrate new global markets faster. With us as an extended arm of your company, you will be able to focus on maintaining the quality of your services and products while we help bring your sales and loyalty campaigns to the next level. We have the strategies and processes to boost growth cost-effectively and increase conversion rates. Whenever your company decides to engage in a campaign, we are ready to provide telesales and telemarketing services, including but not limited to appointment setting, lead generation, customer retention, up-sell and cross-sell. 


Sales, marketing and loyalty program strategies are constantly changing. It is crucial for business owners to stay on top of current trends to avoid becoming irrelevant to consumers. Deciding on where to focus your company resources can be very tricky. Ideally, you would want to allocate resources equally to all aspects without incurring too much cost and compromising on service standards.

Now you can. By outsourcing your telemarketing services to Alphatel Global, you can achieve more at a lower cost. Our goal is to help eliminate the complicated process of finding out which telemarketing approach is most suitable for your brand and product, so that you won’t have to bear expensive cost of trial and error. With us, you’ll gain the flexibility to 

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